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Evaluation of Any DIY Sales Copy


This is for those who have or are writing their own sale copy and aren’t seeing results or need another set of eyes to see if their messaging aligns with their business and offer(s).

What You Get

 A short 10 to 30 min video going over all your images, wording, and presentation of the item we are reviewing. 

A few samples of how your copy could be written in a better way and why.

  An analysis of the order in which your copy is presented, does it use good formatting or does it jump around.

♥  A breakdown as to whether it reflects your voice and personality. Has a “like and trust factor” so that people feel comfortable working with you or buying your products?

♥  Overall, a critic of the entire concept, delivery, formatting, call to action functionality and overall presentation, and the use of persuasive marketing, and other items that need to be considered to ensure it will attract and convert the right people.   

The Evaluation-of-Your-DIY-Sales-Copy Investment Starts at


$75 hour  

$100 minimum 

Small projects like lead magnets about 1-3 hr

Large projects like pages take 3-6 hrs

Let’s Start a Conversation

The one takeaway I hope you get from this is; changing your message will make a substantial difference in your sales!

People can probably get what you offer elsewhere. (and new flash, they will look)

But without a compelling message that gets the right people to take action toward your business, you’re going to be swimming uphill (is that even a thing).

So I’ll ask you again, are you getting sales?

If not, then it’s time to take a hard look at what you are saying and how you are saying it!

Send me an email or fill out the form, and we can set up a time to “do coffee” and chat about your business.

Let’s take your business from ordinary to extraordinary,


Becky Ellen

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