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modern CEO

Listen up!!

Not getting sales?

Change what you say!  

I take your sales copy and spin it into something people actually want to hear. So they can see their results before they even speak to you. They’re excited because you are “the thing” that will transform them from . . .


You started your business because of your

Zone of  Genius 

Like you can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning,

who needs coffee, work thru the night, genius!!

But, copywriting & messaging

is nowhere near your zone!

Your message needs to show

them how they can transform

 from where there are

to where they can be.

But putting that into words isn’t easy.


so why is it so dang hard?


Because It’s storytelling, making connections, persuasion, psychology, and good word choices.

Becky Ellen Business Consultant

oh hey, I’m

Becky Ellen

Business Consultant


my zone of genius is


Business Messaging

(yeah, that’s a thing now,

it has a lot to do with your sales)

Kind Words

I got to a certain point with my sales page that no matter how many times I tweak it, it’s wasn’t right. 

Then Becky did her magic. She made my message crystal clear while still letting my personality shine thru, so it still resonates with my client.

She has a gift, plus she’s delightful to work with. If you are questioning anything about your copy/sales page and if you’re worried about leaving money on the table

Hire Becky. You will not regret it! 


Calm Mind Coaching & Course Creator

How will creating a better message help my business?


By dropping the corp biz voice (that people automatically adopt when writing sales copy), people will feel like you are having a conversation with JUST them. 

They see you as the better choice because they feel you understand where they are. (who doesn’t want to be understood)

Using your unique (slightly quirky) personality will show them that you’re a human and won’t treat them like a number in a database. 

A clear vision will lead them to take the next step. It shows them you have a well-thought-out plan.

It puts you in a better light because well-written communication represents a well-run business.

Kind Words

“I feel PROUD of my Business.”
“Becky’s process was so amazing. I loved how she helped me turn my vision into something that truly resonated with my young audience. She took me from being just a legal advocate to a successful coach and motivational speaker.  I feel excited to encourage people to go to my website.”


Success Coach, Motivational Speaker

Hey, I want a message like this!


(Yeah, the one that gets me to

the people that will love on me)


How do I make this happen?

Done For You Sales Page

Done For You Website Copy

Evaluation of Your DIY Sales Copy

Kind Words

When I decided to create an online course, I faced what seemed to be an insurmountable mountain of challenges.

I attempted to write a sales page but have no online sales experience; it was a daunting task.

Finding Becky, who specializes in writing copy that converts, was a huge godsend.  Some of the things she added were just brilliant; she is truly amazing at what she does. Plus, the value you get with her is worth every penny! 


Baby Massage Course Creator

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take?

Once we officially start working on your project, it moves pretty fast.

Done for you sale pages, takes about 7 to 10 days and done for you website copy takes about 14 to 28 days business days.

Reviews of your DIY sale copy are usually given with 24 to 48 hrs. (not including weekends)

How Do You Handle Payments?

Projects are handled with an upfront no refund deposit of 50% down and then the balance due at the end of the project. 

Do You Do Page Editing?

The sale copy is based on an entire strategy formatted to move the viewer from one phase to the next. Taking them on a journey that gets them to take action.  

To get the results, we recommend you do a full makeover, rather than just fixing a few areas.  

However, I do offer an evaluation of a DIY sales copy that you have written yourself.  This service is based on an hourly fee of $45.

Do You Do Other Work?

I focus on conversion messaging and marketing and what you have to offer, which t is the key to your success.

I do offer design projects, like Facebook covers, Lead Magnets, or Website Mock-Ups. Just ask.

I offer detailed evaluations of your writing, sales copy, website, or other marketing materials.  Prices are based on my time and start at $45 an hour.

Kind Words

Working with Becky was a dream. She’s an amazing coach turned friend.  People say my website is very intuitive, without added fluff. They know who I am and what I offer right from the start. 

She’s amazing at what she does, I’ve sent many clients her way, and they love her too! 


Business Consultant

Let’s Start a Conversation

The one takeaway I hope you get from this is; changing your message will make a substantial difference in your sales!

People can probably get what you offer elsewhere. (and new flash, they will look)

But without a compelling message that gets the right people to take action toward your business, you’re going to be swimming uphill (is that even a thing).

So I’ll ask you again, are you getting sales?

If not, then it’s time to take a hard look at what you are saying and how you are saying it!

Send me an email or fill out the form, and we can set up a time to “do coffee” and chat about your business.

Let’s take your business from ordinary to extraordinary,


Becky Ellen

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