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You’re in Business Because . . .

Black & White Interior of a Manhatten Apt

But the marketing part of the business is so … not fun!

Social & blogging?

A website?

Online reviews?

Where do I begin?


 Clients who adopt my smart messaging and proven marketing strategies are getting big results.


She went from interning for a furniture store with just a few clients to owning her own successful staging company.

She went from collecting designer junk and then selling it out of her garage ⇒ to creating a highly successful 6-figure business.

They went from paying a premium price for a booking service to creating one of their own  to then renting it to others for a premium price.

Becky Ellen with Daughter & Granddaughter

 I’m a Mom & a Grandma too!

25 years in Marketing, Sales,

Messaging & Design.

Business Owner & Coach. 

The Process

The 3 Step’s


Together we plan out your customer’s journey, pinpoint your ideal client, and map out your marketing, so clients WANT to work with you.  It can include a logo, branding, website, social media, images, blogging, and SEO.  We start you out on the track to being successful and profitable.



Pretty doesn’t sell. It’s the message that will drive your business!  Together we craft a reason your clients will get excited about you because we speak directly to them.  We build relationships, show connectivity, and make human connections thru your message! 


We craft an online brand and imagery that  WOW’s your potential clients and gets them to linger longer and ask questions or contact you for more info.  We showcase your transformational work so that they understand what you offer and how you work.  


Client's Notes

I found Becky in 2009. I had a sad website for dog training, with only a few clients, and working full time at another job.

She created a new website for me, help me with SEO & marketing. It was about 3 months later. I called her and told her I don’t know what you did, but my phone is ringing off the hook.

It was 6 months later when I left my corporate job, and 4 years later, I built my own facility for dog training, daycare, and luxury sound-proof indoor dog suites.

This was all done by Becky using her understanding of messaging, marketing, and sales to increase my visibility!

I would highly recommend Becky to anyone that is struggling to build the business of their dreams.

Mark P.

Owner, Tuxedo's K9

I spoke with Becky on the phone and then sent her 100’s of images for creating a database of wedding venues throughout the world.

A few weeks later, she sent us the most amazing website, it blew our minds. She designed something so beautiful but also very functional.

She also created a system where we could have a private page on our website for each wedding couple guests, where we could book their hotel, flights & more. (something we were paying a premium price for elsewhere)

We now charge other agencies a premium price for using our system!  Which now provided us with a great deal of additional income.

I wouldn’t look any farther than Becky’s talent if you want amazing results!!

Raylene M.

Owner, Forever Us

I love my retail business, especially the design parts, but the business end of running a business, I hate it! So we were so pleased with how Becky was able to help us with this.

Her best access is her amazing marketing tips. It was right after COVID shut us down that I wrote to her and said I’m in a frump and needed to get out or we’ll lose the business.

So, she sent me a list of suggestions to try.

I incorporated several of the ideas, but the best one was creating live video sales. These became very profitable, the store has since reopened, but they saved our business during COVID!

I can’t begin to express how lucky we are to have her on our team!

Johanna S.

Owner, Restyle and Co.

Do you have a business that needs help ?

I’m ready to hear what your vision and goals are for your business.  CREATIVE MARKETING? GETTING CLIENTS? DRIVING SALES? CLOSING DEALS? 

So let’s have a chat, you can tell me about your struggles and what your vision is. Then I can see how I can help you reach your goals!